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Eye Splice on Three strand Ropes

These splicing demonstrations are courtesy of Selma, the Norwegian manufacture of the Selma Fids Splicing Needles.

Untwist the strands and make 1, 2 and 3 ready.
Decide eye size.

Put strand 1 under upper strand of rope.

Turn eye anticlockwise until strand 2 is up.


Put strand 2 under strand of rope next to cord 1.

Turn eye anticlockwise until 3 is up.

Put strand 3 under cord of rope next to strand 2.

You have now made one round of splicing.

Tighten up strands after each round.

Start second round by going with strand 1 over strand of rope and under the next.

Do the same with strand 2 and 3.

Do four rounds with all strands.

Cut ends near rope and the splice is finished!